The made in Lab 3.11 seats are made to measure according to customer needs

Our range:

Seats with fabric harness


The peculiarity of the harness with three-band fabrics and semi-rigid sides is the enveloping ergonomics that allow a firm anchoring and a good feeling with the ideal chair for a first approach to sport.

This seat is available with Memo backrest.

Available sizes:

S (for basins from 26cm to 34cm) Product Code 2001

M (for basins from 32cm to 40cm) Product Code 2002

L (for basins from 38cm to 46cm) Product Code 2003

Aluminum seats



this seat is geometrically regular, that is, both the back and the front have the same width.

This seat is available with a Memo back or with a tension band.




this trapeze-shaped seat is narrower on the front and wider on the back. This form was chosen to be as close as possible to the person.

This seat is available with a Memo back or with a tension band.




this seat has been designed with the trapezium shape to have greater adherence to the body but also equipped with a discharge area for the Ischia, with the possibility of applying tensioning bands or postural cushions.

This seat is available with postular or tensioned backrest.



The postural carbon shells are born from an idea of Lab3.11.

Studied in detail, Carbon is a postural shell designed for everyone's use. Built with a special drain for the ischi where it is possible to apply tension bands or insert postural cushions.

Thus avoiding any problems caused by pressure but at the same time creating a perfect condition for correct posture.

These light, resistant and slightly flexible shells communicate very well with Advantage C making it perfectly react to the athlete's stimuli.


are available in 5 sizes:

1 -> 34cm * Product Code: 1014/1

2 -> 36cm * Product Code: 1014/2

3 -> 38cm * Product Code: 1014/3

4 -> 40cm * Product Code: 1014/4

5 -> 42cm * Product Code: 1014/5


* ( width   internal)



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