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Clear is a badminton sports wheelchair developed on concepts different from the ordinary.

Clear is the chair studied and designed for parabadminton.

Clear follows the philosophy of Lab 3.11 products, fast, stable, adapts perfectly to the athlete and the simple adjustments allow you to have an always performing aid.

The adjustments on the designed backrest allow "extreme" movements without losing stability and reactivity for the next shot.

With the innovative 4-point anti-tip system, you allow the athlete to follow perfectly straight lines, according to the game scheme, without losing adherence to the ground, thanks to its elastic structure.


Clear is the wheelchair chosen by F.I.Ba. 

(Italian badminton federation)



Material : painted steel and anodized aluminum


∅ anti-tipping wheels : 63mm


Central axis adjustable in:

- width (from 500mm to 700mm)

- wheel camber angle (from 15 ° to 22 °)


Seat adjustable in:

- angle of inclination (from 25 ° to -12.5 °)

- balancing point (20 different positions)

-height from the platform (from 370mm to 480mm)


Platform adjustable in:

- ground clearance (from 45mm to 100mm)

- angle of inclination


Backrest adjustable in:

- seat height (from 0mm to 310mm)

-double inclination (above from 0 ° to 25 ° below from 0 ° to 15 °)


Tilting system : 4 independent wheels

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Clear is equipped with a seat system that fits like a glove, thanks to the flexible sides. The system of straps in Bandera technical fabric allows a firm anchorage to the chair.

Integrated straps: feet, knees, legs and pelvis; bust strap available on request

seat and back:

S covers basin widths from 26cm to 34cm

M covers basin widths from 32cm to 40cm

L covers basin widths from 40cm to 46cm


supports wheels of: 24 ', 25', 26 ', 28'

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