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In collaboration with the

Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) it is possible to request Advantage school  or Energy on trial for 3 months, free of charge!



Contract and forms

The free loan agreement is a contract where simple clauses required by law are indicated. This contract lasts for 3 months.

The free trial can be requested by any tennis club or individual.

In addition to the contract there are two  modules to be completed:

1st for the tennis club where the chair is used

2 ° for the person who uses it

Privacy Policy: All data provided will be   collected and treated according to Italian law and will not be disclosed to third parties.

What is needed

To request the loan for use you need:

- User athlete: regular Fit membership with non-agnostic wheelchair or agnostic wheelchair card.

- tennis club form fully completed

- Athlete card form fully completed

- loan agreement for use fully completed and signed


What happens after the trial period ends

The times are really short. Once all the documents have been sent (correctly filled in), we immediately proceed with the planning of a shipment with delivery in  24 / 48 h from taking charge.

Normally the chair on loan for use arrives within a week from the opening of the practice.

At the end of the free trial period you can purchase the wheelchair or  return it.

(Shipping costs are at our expense)

Throughout the  period of the test, our staff is available via telephone, video call and email, for any question or doubt.

Our staff is authorized to contact you for feedback and news of the progress of the test.



We recommend at the beginning of the loan for use not to throw away the shipping boxes that are organized to be able to transport the wheelchair avoiding any damage during transport in the case of a return.

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