was founded in July 2013 by three friends:





The idea is that of a laboratory that builds and develops new aids for the disabled.

who we are:

3.11 is the place where it all started:

3rd floor, room 11 of the Turin Spinal Unit,

where Constantine and Joseph meet and share the difficulties of a new way of life.


the project:

Lab 3.11 was born with the ambition to help disabled people to free their energies, the desire to move and regain confidence in their skills.

To have fun, feel good and overcome your limits.


The objectives are in fact to build aids that allow you to overcome barriers and reach inaccessible places. To recover, maintain and / or improve residual motor skills.

To have fun in sport and leisure.


Lab 3.11 also aims to help scientific research by supporting research projects on myelolesions and / or projects aimed at improving the living and health conditions of disabled people.


The first project that has been developed is ADVANTAGE a tennis wheelchair developed on concepts other than the ordinary,

Sport is the same for everyone   gives its name to the largest project on the inclusion and elimination of cultural barriers through sport.

Lab 3.11 e Peba Onlus are partners in this great project

Advantage thanks to total adjustability and reliability,

was chosen by the FIT   (Italian Tennis Federation)

for starting clubs and new athletes.


Riding the wave of innovation, today Lab 3.11, is the chosen company too

by FiBa (Italian Badminton Federation) for CLEAR

and from FISIP (Italian Paralympic Winter Sports Federation) for SLEDGE


via Riva 22, 14021 Buttigliera D'Asti (AT)

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