Fast, stable and fully adjustable Advantage school was created with the aim of ensuring perfect adaptation to the athlete, revealing a very important strength.

The adjustments are simple and can be made quickly, directly on the playing field.

The innovative anti-overturning system with elastic suspensions makes a strong contribution to stability by eliminating the classic jerk pitch during the push.

Advantage school is the wheelchair chosen by FIT (Italian tennis federation)

Product Code: ADVS


Material : painted steel and anodized aluminum


∅ anti-tipping wheels : 76mm


Central axis adjustable in:

- width (from 520mm to 680mm)

- wheel camber angle (from 15° to 22°)


Seat adjustable in:

- angle of inclination (from 25° to -12.5°)

- balancing point (20 different positions)

-height from the platform (from 350mm to 460mm)


Platform adjustable in:

- ground clearance (from 55mm to 115mm)

- angle of inclination


Backrest adjustable in:

- seat height (from 0mm to 320mm)

-double inclination (above from 0°to 25° below from 0°to 15°)


Tilting system : 4 independent wheels

Advantage is equipped with a seat system that fits like a glove, thanks to the flexible sides.

The system of belts in Bandera technical fabric allows a firm anchorage to the chair.

Integrated straps: feet, knees, legs and pelvis; bust belt available on request


S covers basins width from 26cm to 38cm

M covers basins width from 30cm to 42cm

L covers basins from 40cm to 50cm wide



S: 28.5x16.5 cm

M: 28x21 cm

L: 34x21 cm


Self-propelled wheels

supports wheels from: 24", 25", 26", 28"

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