Maratona is the chair designed to run marathon races in absolute safety and maximum fun.

Designed with a unique style, Maratona has two twin wheels on the front to help maintaining the direction and to avoid all the problems that the roads could give, such as abrupt changes of direction caused by holes / rails.

The comfortable and adjustable seat, thanks to the tensionable straps combined with the straps, ensures safety and stability during the race.

Material: painted steel and anodised aluminum;

Seat: with tensionable bands with aluminium side rails, custom width and depth;

Backrest: with custom height adjustable bands;

Footrest: custom aluminium, with separate foot position;

Paddings: custom cordura and memory sponge padding;

Mudguard: painted aluminium and rubber;

Front Wheels: n 2 by 16";

Rear Wheels: n 2 by 26".


LAB 3.11 s.r.l.

via Riva 22, 

14021 Buttigliera D'Asti (AT)