Advantage C


Advantage C has been designed and developed for high level competitions. it's lightweight, fast and tailored to payer's needs allowing for fast activity on playground.

it has been designed in order to avoid any sliding of driving wheels during both fast acceleration or sharp direction changes.

Avantage C is equipped whit an innovative anti-tipping system that guarantee an hight stability eliminating any residual pitch, as often found in many sport wheelchair, also optimizing the overall playing accuracy.

Product Code: ADVC

Advantage C, can be completely disassembled and stored inside the C-Bag, designed to provide easy and safe transportation during player's flights.

Advantage C is available in the adjustable set version or customized set.

Adjustable set features:

Material:anodised aluminum


∅ anti-tipping wheel: 76mm, 100mm, 125mm


Central axis adjustable in:

-width (from 520mm to 680mm)

-wheel camber angle (from 15° to 22°)


Seat adjustable in: 

-angle of inclination (from 25° to -12.5°)

-balancing point (20 different positions)

-height from the footrest(from 350mm to 460mm)


Footrest adjustable in:

- height from the ground (from 55mm to 115mm)

- inclination angle


Backrest adjustable in:

- height from the seat (from 0mm to 320mm)

-double inclination(above from 0°to 25° below from 0°to15°)


Anti-tipping system: 4 independent wheels

Wheels:supports wheels from 25',26'and 28'

Custom set features:

Material:anodised aluminum

∅ anti-tipping wheels: 76mm, 100mm,125mm


Central axis: made from a single piece, tailored according to the layout found with the adjustable set

Seat personalized seat in various models, see seats.


Footrest made from a unique piece, tailored to the layout found with the adjustable set

Backrest tailored to the layout found with the adjustable set

2 types: postural or adjustable bands 

Anti-tipping system: 4 independent wheels

Wheels:supports wheels from 25',26'e 28'

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