Fast, stable and fully adjustable.

The Advantage ensure a perfect feeling to allowing the players to do the best.

The setting are easy and can be done quickly, without specific tools, directly on the playground. 

The Advantage give a chance because allows to the players to change quickly his playing style to adapt to the playground or just to surprise the opponent in order to take advantage from the strategy!

The innovative anti-tipping system guarantee an high stability eliminating the typical uncomfortable pitch. The pivoting wheels are fixed on elastic suspensions.

The Advantage was developed and tested by tennis expert players! It's an assurance to take advantage on play!

Product Code: ADVS

Technical features

Material: painted steel and anodised aluminum


∅ anti-tipping wheel: 76mm


Central axis adjustable in:

-width (from 520mm to 680mm)

-wheel camber angle (from 15° to 22°)


Seat adjustable in: 

-angle of inclination (from 25° to -12.5°)

-balancing point (20 different positions)

-height from the footrest (from 350mm to 460mm)


Footrest adjustable in:

- height from the ground (from 55mm to 115mm)

- inclination angle


Backrest adjustable in:

- height from the seat (from 0mm to 320mm)

-double inclination (above from 0°to 25° below from 0°to 15°)


Anti-tipping system: 4 independent wheels

Advantage is equipped with a seat system that fits like a glove, thanks to the flexible sides.

IThe Bandera technical fabric straps system allows a firm anchorage to the chair.

Integrated straps: feet, knees, legs and pelvis; available bust strap on request


S  covers width basins from 26cm to 38cm

M  covers width basins from 30cm to 42cm

L  covers width basins from 40cm to 50cm


S : 28,5x16,5 cm

M : 28x21 cm

L : 34x21 cm


supports wheels from: 24',25',26',28'

LAB 3.11 s.r.l.

via Riva 22, 

14021 Buttigliera D'Asti (AT)