Advantage KIDS

Totally adjustable, agile and smooth, Advantage Kids has been designed to adapt to the growth of the child, it is a prefect tool for starting tennis.

The total adjustability allows the child to feel comfortable and to be able to try different sets and playing sensations.

The adjustments are simple and can be done in a few minutes.

Advantage Kids is equipped with an elastic anti-overturning system that almost completely eliminates jerky pitching in thrusts without reducing the adhesion of the wheels to the ground.


Product Code: ADVSK

Material :painted steel and anodized aluminum


∅ anti-tipping wheels : 76mm


Central axis adjustable in:

- width (from 470mm to 600mm)

- wheel camber angle (from 15° to 22°)


Seat adjustable in:

- angle of inclination (from 25° to -12.°)

-balancing point (forward or backward translation of 20 positions

-height from the platform (from 325mm to 415mm)


Platform adjustable in:

- ground clearance (from 55mm to 115mm)

- angle of inclination and feed


Backrest adjustable in:

- seat height (from 0mm to 140mm)

-double inclination (above from 0° to 25° below from 0° to 15°)


Tilting system : 4 independent wheels


Advantage is equipped with a seat system that fits like a glove, thanks to the flexible sides.

The system of belts in Bandera technical fabric allows a firm anchorage to the chair.

Integrated straps: feet, knees, legs and pelvis; bust belt available on request

seat :

S covers basins width from 26cm to 38cm

M covers basins width from 30cm to 42cm

backrest :

S: 28 , 5x16 , 5 cm

M: 28x21 cm

Self-propelled wheels

supports wheels from: 22" and 24"

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